SAP BL-15-041

1144 Avondale Avenue - SAP BL-15-041

Southeastern Engineering, Inc. submitted the following Special Administrative Permit (SAP)  application and plans to the City of Atlanta Office of Planning on July 13, 2015.  According to applicaiton, the proposed development consists of an assemblage of several existing parcels (formerly 1104, 1144 and 1174 Avondale Ave.) that have been consolidated into one parcel represented by the common rezoning of MR4A-C/Beltline per 12-O-1614 Z-12-43.  It will consist of 104 single family townhouse of varying dimensions.

The City circulates development proposals to the NPU to allow the NPU an opportunity to review the proposal and to provide comments. Projects that are within the Beltline Overlay District are required to conform to the requirements of the Beltline Overlay Ordinance, which is a part of the City's Zoning Ordinance. There are many specific requirements in the Beltline Overlay Ordinance that each proposed development must conform to. ‎The public can help to ensure that the Overlay requirements are being adhered to by taking the time to review the proposal and identify instances where the proposed plan may need to be revised, to conform to the Overlay Ordinance.  The Beltline Overlay District regulations are available here.

Please submit your written comments regarding compliance with the Beltline Overlay Regulations to Rod Lee, Chair NPU-W Land Use & Zoning Committee, no later than Tuesday August 4th at  Land Use & Zoning meets at Eastside Church at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month.