NPU-V forms the Turner Field Benefits Coalition

Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition


In Fall 2014, a small group of neighborhood leaders from Neighborhood Planning Unit V began developing the Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition. We believe that the best way to ensure a positive development for the residents of our communities is to come together with one unified purpose and voice.

The Coalition will organize residents and supporters to advocate for inclusive planning, transparent development, and community benefits related to the redevelopment of the Turner Field Stadium area.

Our Goals

• Inclusive Planning: The Coalition will help shape the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) planning process to make sure residents and stakeholders create a great plan for the Turner Field area and surrounding communities. The LCI will kick-off in September but we are working with the City of Atlanta to shape the process now.

• Transparent Development: The Coalition will also advocate for a transparent development process. Councilmember Carla Smith has committed to updating legislation to require the City of Atlanta to work with Fulton County to define a process for land disposition. The Coalition must organize to support this effort.

• Community Benefits: The Coalition will reach out to residents and stakeholders to create a list of community priorities for the development of the Turner Field area. This process will help us identify our long-term goals and the specific positive outcomes that we will pursue in the redevelopment process. To learn more about Community Benefits Agreements, check out the link below:

Coalition Membership

Organizations are invited to participate in the Coalition in one of three membership tiers:

• Resident associations based in the immediate communities

• Resident associations and other organizations in adjacent south Atlanta communities

• Endorsing organizations that have a broader geographic focus.

Each organization that joins the coalition must designate a representative and an alternate representative to attend Coalition meetings. Any member of the organization or resident of surrounding neighborhoods are invited to participate in the Coalition committees. Representatives of Membership Tier 1 organizations (Organized Neighbors of Summerhill, Peoplestown Neighborhood Association, Peoplestown Revitalization Corporation, Grant Park Neighborhood Association, Mechanicsville Civic Association, and Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association) as well as Committee Chairs will form a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will plan regular Coalition meetings to ensure that the entire Coalition is involved in important decisions and actions that we take together.

Coalition Committees:

• Media Committee: Educate the public about Turner Field redevelopment

• Outreach Committee: Find out what is most important to the impacted residents

• Research Committee: Learn about how development decisions are made and how to influence them

• Resource Committee: Manage resources and propose and manage Coalition budget

• Mediation/Ethics Committee: Ensure adherence to Operating Agreement, propose additions or changes ??to Operating Agreement, and mediate disputes.


Additional Documents:

Coalition Members, as of March 31, 2015

Agreements Document

Turner Field Community Benefits Coalition's Facebook page